What Causes High Cholesterol

Tons of opinions and myths have existed for a long time now regarding the causes of high cholesterol. A lot of innocent habits have claimed to be guilty and several other sources that have no relation at all have been found to have a direct effect on this important issue. There are even times that(…)

What are Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol, what is it?  Well, cholesterol is a substance that is quoted as being “the required building block of all human cells”.  It is a soft, and waxy-type substance that most say is responsible maybe even critical in the producing of hormones, estrogen, testosterone and even vitamin D and bile acids.  The correct amount of(…)

Silent Killing Disease

High Blood Pressure Dealing with ailments of one or more types is something that everyone has gone through at a certain point in life. Each ailment type having a way of been controlled suited to it be it simple or a complicated medical approach. The hard to deal with disease are the ones that will(…)

Reducing Cholesterol

Cholesterol is something dreaded by many people. The mention of cholesterol build-up in the body will send shivers down the spine. The amazing thing about cholesterol is that it is so-feared but produced in our body. One thing that biology lesson taught someone is that the body produces what it needs to function in a(…)

Heart Diseases

Ills That Affect the Heart The heart is the vital organ that supports the life system of a person. It is usually the size of fist and is responsible for the running of the vascular system in the body. The heart works with the use of nerves that send electrical signals all through the heart. (…)

Cholesterol Related

Regulate Your Cholesterol Intake In years gone the number of fat people was not high. A comparison in the eating habits between the present and the past days will bear testament to that fact.  The food menu had a low cholesterol composition. Foods were high in other nutritional elements. Proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates were the(…)

Cholesterol Lowering Foods

Cholesterol related issues have been a thorn in living healthy for many people. A mention of the word and all evil is showered on the term cholesterol.  To some length, we may try to cleanse ourselves of the evil through a dietary measure that is rich in cholesterol lowering food. Nevertheless, as much as we(…)

Cholesterol And Exercise

Cholesterol And Exercise: Is It A Good Combination? The human body is a complex structure that can be easily maintained or destroyed. How you handle your body determines how the body will respond. Mistreating it and overlooking many things that make it function properly can be detrimental. You should always strive to give high regard(…)